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Carlo Amalfa, set up his Agricultural business in 2002. He is based in Milazzo, and as a young entrepreneur from a family with a long history of work in the horticultural industry, he wanted to continue and renew this tradition.
The favourable climate of the Piana di Milazzo enables the business to farm and propagate, successfully, a range of floral Mediterranean and sub-tropical species which are then sold nationally and internationally.

The philosophy of renewal is applied by continually trialing new species so customers can be offered eye-catching and decorative novel additions.


The nursery Vivai Amalfa Carlo extends over about 4 hectares of land on the Milazzo plain. Palms are farmed here in the fields as well as in pots. About one hectare of the land is occupied by greenhouses (for protected cultivations) in which various plants are farmed. Besides the open field palm nurseries the remaining space is used to cultivate a variety of Mediterranean plants in pots. All our plants are grown either from seeds or from cuttings taken from plants farmed within the nursery. This enables us to guarantee the quality of the products.